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What To Do After Buying A Domain – I purchased a domain name but I don’t know what to do now.

Are you facing this problem?

Don’t worry, I am here to tell you what is the next step to do after purchasing a domain name.

Hey everyone, I am Shivam and welcome to the Ultimate Blogging Tool Kit website. So today this article is only for the newbies who want to know what is the next step after purchasing a domain name.

Well, most of the newbie people are in trouble that What To Do After Buying A Domain name. But don’t be panic. first of all, ask yourself why you purchased a domain name.

There can be two reasons for it. To make a Blog or Website or to resell it. I’ll tell you about both things about how it works.

So read this article at the last because it is going to be very informative and helpful for the newbie bloggers. Who are in this trouble.

What To Do After Buying A Domain

First of all, Think your self that why you purchase a domain name?

Of course to create a website or blog. But there is also another option that is to resell the domain.

Reselling of domain name is called Domain Flipping. People purchase a domain name and resell it at higher cost. But the point is that why people purchase it from third party at higher cost.

Well there is a huge reason for it and a technique to resell a domain name. We will talk about it later.

Now, the main thing that most of the people do after purchasing a domain name is to create a website or take their business online.

So to launch website there is many steps. So let’s talk about What To Do After Buying A Domain?

1. Purchase A Hosting For Your Domain Name

So, the first step after purchasing a domain name is to purchase a hosting for your domain name.

The main thing is you must have an hosting then only you can launch your website. Hosting is like a online storage where you can store your website and allow it to visible on WWW so that every person can visit it.

But if you don’t want to purchase hosting there is an option that you can host your website on Blogger.com where Google allows you to host your website free for lifetime.

But there are limitations of using Blogger.com. So I recommend you to purchase a hosting and use WordPress.

WordPress is one of the best CMS (Control Management System). There are many CMS but WordPress is the best.

Because in WordPress you got many options that help you make your website easily and also to help in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

So there is many companies which provide you Hosting services. But the best hosting provider is SiteGround or A2Hosting.

You can purchase hosting from these hosting providers or there are many more options. Siteground prices are high. And if your budget is low you can go Hostinger, BigRock, Hostgator and many more. And the process is the same to purchase hosting.

  • To purchase hosting, first of all, go to any hosting provider website. In my case, I am purchasing from SiteGround. Then go to there web hosting plans.
step 1
What to do after buying a domain?
  • After that select web hosting plans. I recommend you to select the starter plan no matter you are purchasing from any site. Siteground increase their prices recently. You can purchase web hosting from other hosting sites in the affordable price range.
  • After clicking on get plan option you have to check the I already have a domain option and then enter the domain name you purchased.
step 2
what to do after buying a domain?


  • After that fill all the necessary details and checkout.
step 3
what to do after buying a domain?

After followwing all these stepss you’ve purchased a hosting for your domain name successfuly.

Connect Domain name with Hosting

But the thing is that your domain is not connected with your hosting. As you entered the domain name while purchasing hosting. You have to connect the domain name by your domain registrar.

It is very easy to do so.

Just go to that website from where you purchased the domain name. Like from Godaddy, NameCheap.

The in your hosting dashboard it sshows two nameservers you have to just chenage your domain name servers to those which are given by your hosting provider.

That’s it. All done! Now you domain is successfully connected with the hosting.

After that you can install WordPress from you hosting C Panel.

2. Setup WordPress

After successfully connecting your domain with hosting just install WordPress from the C Panel of Hosting.

After that login to your WordPress. Now you can see that you website is live but it is not well managed and proper.

You have to do some very important WordPress settings before moving to the next step.

Firstly edit some important settings like your name, description and other things by going to admin ssettings in WordPress.

After that you have to customize your website. And in customization the first step is to install a theme.

Install A WordPress theme

To make your blog or website looks and professional, well designed, and also user friendly, you should install a best theme.

Well, if you go to your WordPress dashboard there is an option under the Appearance section which is “Themes” Go to that option and click on Add New there are many themes you can install as per your choice.

But they all are not premium themes. The benefit of premium themes is that they are SEO Friendly and fast in speed. And you can customize a premium theme as you want. Whatever changes you can do.

But you have to purchase them. The most famous and best theme is GeneratePress. It is the fastest theme.

You can make a landing or Homepage with Thrive Architect Plugin and install generatepress. Which makes your site look professional and also it’s speed optimized.

Not only this there are many themes which are SEO Friendly and good looking.

I am using generate press theme in this website because it is very fast and responsive.

You can download and install the theme as per your choice but I recommend you to use genesis framework themes or generate Press. And also it depends on what niche you are selecting for your website.

For the e-commerce website, there are different themes. So it depends as per your choice as well as you need.

Install Some Plugins

The other most important thing after installing a theme is to install some plugins which help your website very much.

Like install Plugins for SEO, Contact Form, Page Builder and many more as you want.

You can install plugins simply from the dashboard, as you can see there is an option of Plugins just click there and click Add New.

Some important plugins which your website must have is an SEO plugin like Rank Math or Yoast SEO.

These plugins helps you to write SEO friendly content and also helps in SEO from many aspects.

One more plugin is Contact Form 7 this plugin helps you to create a contact form page on your website. You can see our Contact us Page it is also made with that plugin.

Some Social Media Plugins. Social media plugins show the social share on your website so that if any user like your content he/she can share it on social media.

So guys these are two main important things in the Setup of WordPress. And purchasing a hosting ans setup of WordPress is the two main important think in What To do After Buying A Domain?

Now, let’s move to the next step.

Writing Articles / Making Content

After you set up all the thing the next step that comes is to write content. Why You Created a Website?

To write or make content of course. So after installing theme and plugins. Start writing your articles.

Now, whatever niche you choose for your blog or website start researching keywords on that niche.

there are many free and paid keyword research tool. You can use them and do keyword research.

After the successful keyword research start writing article on that keyword. And write an SEO friendly content.

As you installed the SEO plugin it will tell you what should you write or what you have to do in your article to make it SEO friendly. That’s why I’ve told you to install SEO plugins.

Now, I think you’ve understood that What To Do After buying A Domain, but wait there is one more thing.

Domain Flipping

What To Do After Buying A Domain
What to do after buying a domain?

As I’ve told you before that there are two things you can do after purchasing a domain name. Firstly you can make a website and secondly you can do Domain Flipping.

Now what is domain flipping?

To purchase a domain name and resell it is called Domain Flipping. But the main question is why people buy that domain from you at a higher price.

So the reason is that if you purchased an expired domain name which’s DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) is high. So you can resell it easily.

Because there DA and PA are high so people are interested to purchase them. And if you want to purchase high DA and PA domain so you have to do proper research.

I’ll definitely write a separate article for it. (What To Do After buying A Domain)

FAQ’s related to What To Do After Buying a Domain Name?

Do I need web hosting if I have a domain name?

Yes, of course. If you want to make your own website and want it to live on the internet. So you must need Hosting. Hosting is like online store where you can store your website data and make your website live on the internet.

Who is the Legal owner of the Domain name?

Of course, the Domain Registrar is the real or legal owner of the domain name. You just take it for rent. That’s why you are renewing it every year. You are the owner till you are renewing it. if you don’t renew it. So another person can purchase it from the registrar after it’s expiration.

Can I run a website without hosting?

Yes, it is possible to run a website without hosting. But this you can do only on Web 2.0 Websites like Medium, Tumblr, etc. And you can’t connect a custom domain also. So it is not recommendable. But if you just want to learn you can use these websites.

Final Words on What To Do After Buying A Domain

I hope guys you all are perfectly understood that What To Do After Buying A Domain Name? The common thing which every newbie or a person do is to create a website.

So create a website and write good content on it. So that people know your website and it get famous.

And yes when your website get famous you can monetize it and earn money through it. But it takes lot of time and hard work.

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