What Is Cross Linking In SEO? Best Guide 2020

What is Cross Linking in SEO? – If you want to know about it that what is cross linking in SEO and how you can do cross linking. So you are in the right place.

Now, here in this article I am gonna to tell you all about cross linking. Which helps you to make your blog or website popular and of so much beneficial.

So Hey, everyone I am Shivam and welcome to Ultimate Blogging Tool Kit today I am going to tell you that What is Cross Linking in SEO?

As we all know SEO for our blog and website is very important for Ranking. Traffic, and of course for earning too.

But newbies bloggers face many problems in SEO, so to guide them in the best way, I am here.

There are many benefits of doing Cross Linking, So if you also want to take all those benefits for your blog also, So keep your eyes in this article at the last.

What is Cross Linking in SEO?

To understand what is cross linking in SEO you must know about SEO and all about this. Then only you able to understand cross linking.

So, SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Means to optimize our website or blog for search engines. And in SEO there are two things or we can say there are two parts of SEO.

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO

So the cross linking comes under Off-Page SEO. Because here you are not doing the optimization of your blog post or article. Simply you are doing the optimization of Domain or Website.

Cross Linking simply means the interlink of two websites. Means to link one website with another is called cross linking. And that two websites can be yours or one of them can be yours.

The benefit of cross linking is that it helps to increase your site popularity as well as to increase the Domain Authority.

Now, there is no matter that how many sites are linked with your website or with how many sites you are doing cross linking.

And also if you have 1 or more website you can do cross linking with it but there are some conditions and some things which you have to strictly follow otherwise your site ranking can be down.

But there are many things you should consider before doing cross linking with any website.

If you do cross linking in a wrong way so it can be harmful to your site. So before talking about this let’s see the benefits you get if you do Cross Linking.

Benefits Of Cross Linking

What is Cross Linking in SEO
What is Cross Linking in SEO?

Now you understood that What is Cross Linking in SEO? Well, as I told you before also that there are many benefits you’ve got if you do cross linking. So let’s take a look at all those benefits.

  • Increase your site popularity.
  • Your site got a do-follow backlink.
  • Your website get Traffic.
  • Increase Domain Authority
  • Helps in Ranking

So these are some benefits which you got if you use cross linking. However, these are very few benefits but are very important.

The main thing is that your site authority will increase. Because, when google found your website link on another website the trust and authority will increase.

And of course, that website also gets these benefits which website link you give on your website. That website’s authority will also increase and that website also gets traffic from your site.

This is the all scenario of cross linking. But also one thing that you have to do cross linking by considering many things. Because if you do cross linking with a wrong website so your website ranking can be down.

How To Do Cross Linking?

So if you want to do cross linking first of all you have to select those which are related to you niche.

Yes, this is very much important.

If you do cross-linking with a website which niche is not related to your website so that is not beneficial for you. So always select those websites which are related to your niche.

And if you are going to cross-link with your website. Like you have 1 or more website and you want to cross-link those websites so make sure that those websites hosted on different hosting and different IP Address also.

Otherwise, Google will detect the cross-link and can penalize your website. So doing cross linking with another website which is owned by any other people is ok.

Now, after searching the website which is related to your niche you can contact that website owner by the contact form on their website and give an offer to them to do cross-linking with your site.

Also if you have some contacts of bloggers you can tell them for cross linking.


So I hope guys that you all understood that What is Cross Linking in SEO and everything I tried to tell you about in this article.

I know this article is very small but this topic is very easy to understand and there is nothing so much in this topic.

But this is very important for your site. If you do cross-link I am sure your website ranking will increase and of course, your site’s domain authority will also increase.

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