What Is Article Submission In SEO – Best Guide 2020

What is Article Submission in SEO – It is a very much important technique of OFF-Page SEO every Blogger should know about it.

Hey everyone, I am Shivam, welcome to Ultimate Blogging Tool Kit, and today I’m gonna tell you about What is Article Submission in SEO and How it is done.

As we all know, SEO is very much important for our Blog or Website. And newbie blogger must have to follow all the SEO techniques. Especially when your blog is new.

Newly created blogs or websites are of Low authority and it is very hard to rank it or get traffic on it. And to improve or increase authority we have to follow SEO tactics.

You want to increase your Blog Authority?

If yes, so keep your eyes on this article and the last and don’t miss any part. Because we are going to learn What is Article Submission in SEO, Why it is Important, How to do Article Submission, and many more important things.

So read this article at the last and do not skip any part.

Let’s get started

What is Off-Page SEO?

I know that you are thinking why I am talking about Off-Page SEO?

But this is not off-topic. Well, as I already told you that Article Submission technique comes under the OFF-Page SEO.

Well, Off Page SEO is a technique in which we optimize our Website or Blog for search engines.

By doing Off-Page SEO we can increase our website or blog authorities like Domain Authority, Page Authority, and many more things.

Why it is important?

As you know that in 2020 there is a huge I mean very huge competition in Blogging. Not in all niches but there are somewhere competition is low.

Well, there are many high authorities website ranking on the first page of search engines. And If you want too beat them your website should also have high authority and yes content is also very important.

That’s why OFF-Page SEO is very much important. Basically, Backlinks making comes under Off-Page SEO.

So let’s understand what is Article submission in SEO?

What is Article Submission in SEO?

What is article submission in seo

Now, as you can read Article Submission, It simply means you have to submit articles but where is SEO in it? And Why we submit our written article to another website?

Well, as I told you before that to increase our website authority we should create Backlinks for our website.

Backlinks mean to link our website with another website. For example, you go to a website and give your website link to there whether in the comment box or anywhere. So that is backlink. By which our website authority will increase.

In article submission you have to make backlink also.


So in 2020 comment backlinks are not working or not effective. So you have to create backlink in such a effective way so that your website authority will increase.

So to do it so. There is an Article Submission option. You just have to submit your website’s article link to the article submissions directory.

The benefit is that you got a backlink and also if anyone read your article there he/she also comes to your website by clicking on that link.

So, overall we can say that Article submission in SEO means that to submit our website’s article on the third party Article Submissions Directories.

But every article submission site first analyzes your article that it is SEO friendly or genuine or not then only they approve your article. And it is also beneficial for you that if you submit a good article so the user also comes to your site by seeing that you are writing good content.

I hope now you understood that What is Article Submission in SEO very well. So let’s talk about another important thing.

Submit Article That Never Rejects

It is not just easy that you write an article give your website or blog post link there, submit and that site approves your submission.

No, it is not just easy.

You have to follow technique if you want to take benefit of article submission.

So firstly choose the best and catchy title for the article and write quality content on it. And then give your article for submission to third party websites.

You should consider these points if you want to submit artticle that never rejects:

  • Write a unique and user-friendly article.
  • Select a catchy title
  • Use Head and Sub-Head in your article
  • Write an article of more than 700 words.
  • Use keywords in your article.
  • The article must be informative
  • Give your website link at last.

If you follow these things, I am sure your submitted article never be rejected. Also if you write SEO Friendly article it helps you in ranking as well as for submissions also.

Article Submission Benefits

Article Submission in SEO Benefits
What is Article Submission in SEO

There are many benefits if you do article submission and give your website link in that.

  • Your website got high authority do-follow backlink.
  • A backlink for the long term.
  • Make your website popular.
  • Also, you got traffic from the website.
  • Your website authority will increase.

The main benefit you got is Backlink. It is very important for ranking in search engines. And by article submission, you are getting High Authority Do-Follow backlink which very much helps your website.

Also your website authority will increase.

Article submission is very much important and gives your website many benefits that’s why it is important to know that What is Article Submission in SEO?

Where To Submit Articles?

Now, after knowing that What is Article Submission in SEO the other important question arrives is that Where to submit articles?

You can self check on Google for free article submission website. There are so many. But I am sharing you some of the famous article submission websites.

These are some very famous article submissions websites or directories in which you can submit your article and get traffic or backlinks.

Well, the process is very simple to submit your articles. They just ask you some common details about your article. Like its title, description, keyword, and of course your article link.

After filling the simple form you just have to click on submit and wait for the approval. But it takes time to submit your article and if you want that they submit instantly you have to pay some amount.

But I prefer you to just submit and wait. It will automatically approve after some time.

FAQ’s Related To What Is Article Submission in SEO

What is Article in SEO?

SEO Articles are commonly written as for search engines. Means these are search engine optimized articles in which you got all the On-Page SEO techniques. These articles are very likely to search engines and good for ranking.

What Is Article Submission in SEO?

Article submission in SEO means to submit your articles in article submissions directories. By which you got traffic and also popularity to your website as well as your article.

What is Image Submissions in SEO?

As like article submission directories, there are also many Image submission directories. You can submit your website images to there and give you that article link or website link.

Where Can I Share My Articles?

There are many social media platforms like Facebook, Telegram, Linkedin and many more. Also, you can share your articles to Reddit, Medium and Quora like websites.


I hope guys, you all understood that What is Article Submission in SEO and How you can do it to improve your website ranking and make your website or blog more popular.

So if you like this article don’t forget to share this with your loved ones and with your friends so that everyone gets help. Also if you want to contact me regarding What is Article Submission in SEO or regarding Blogging, you can get to Contact US page and mail me.

Happy Blogging.

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