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How To Remove Date From Blogger Post URL – If you also want to do this and make your Blogger blog looks professional. Read this article at last.

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Hello, guys, I am Shivam, welcome to Ultimate Blogging Tool Kit and today I’m gonna tell you that How To Remove Date From Blogger Post URL

If you are using the Blogger platform for your website or blog you know about that in Blogger post URL there is month and date written.

Which does not look good and also are not SEO Friendly.

But hey, wait.

Before changing your Blogger post URL also check is it Good for your blog or not. So to learn about this thing read this article at the last.

Well, Blogger does not have any option by which you can change your blog post URL, it is fix that when you publish post it shows month and date in URL

How To Remove Date From Blogger Post URL
How To Remove Date From Blogger Post URL

But, in WordPress blog or website there are many options to change the URL of posts as you want.

Check this website URL there is no month or date. Only a simple URL with the permalink.

Well, there is no setting to remove the date from the blogger post URL as you know. But there is a simple trick by which you can do it.

So all about the Blogger Post URL, you got to know here only. I’ll tell you all the points and clear all your doubts so that you can easily remove the blogger post URL

What is the URL?

Before knowing that How To Remove Date From Blogger Post URL, I’ll tell you all about the URL and Permalink. So that you can decide you have to remove date from blogger post URL or not.

URL or Uniform Resource Locator is the address or the Location of any website or Blog.

It helps you to find any website, blog, or web page. Like address help’s to go anywhere. And URL help’s to go to a particular website you want to visit.

URL is also called web address. Because as I told you that it is the address of any website or Blog.

For an example like this website URL or Web, Address is –

What is a Permalink?

URL and Permalink are totally different. However, a blog post URL is a combination of URL and Permalink.

Permalink word is created with the combination of two words which are Permanent and Link. And yes, Permalink are Permanent Links.

In simple words, Permalinks are the part of the right side of the blog post URL which helps to locate any particular post of a website.

Like URL is the main address of the website and permalink is the post address of the website.

For an Example:

So the left part of the right part which is /remove-date-from-blogger-post-URL is the permalink.

But in blogger post you can change the permalink. But can’t change the post URL Which is showing the Date and Month.

Example Of Blogger Post URL:

So as you can see there is date and month in Blogger post URL So this we have to learn that how to remove date from blogger post URL.

But before this let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages to remove date from blogger post URL.

Advantages of Remove Date From Blogger Post URL

So what are the advantages of remove date from blogger post URL let’s discuss.

  • If you remove the date from blogger post URL it becomes short and more SEO friendly.
  • User-Friendly also. If any user wants to go directly to your post page he/she can type the post URL easily.
  • Also, it gives a professional look to the URL of your website or blog.
  • Without a date, URL makes your content or post evergreen.

So these are some common advantages of removing the date from URL. But the main advantage is SEO friendly.

Short URL’s are more SEO friendly than the long URL’s. Also, short URL’s are user-friendly because they can easily understand the post.

Disadvantages of Remove Date From Blogger Post URL

Well, as you know that there is no default setting in the Blogger dashboard from where we can remove date from blogger post URL but there is a trick to change.

But the question is that is this trick is safe?

Of course, this trick is very safe. But this trick is only for new bloggers or for those who are thinking to start a new blog hosted on Blogger.

Because if you have a blog and that blog’s URL are ranking on google or you’ve whitened many posts so you get 1 problem if you remove date from blogger post URL

If you remove date from URL the previous URL in which dates are mentioned does not work.

If you’re that date URL is ranking on google and you are getting traffic from it so after changing date people can’t see your blog post by that particular date URL

But don’t worry about it. Every problem has a solution.

So solution is that you can redirect that date URL to your new removed post URL. So that if anyone go to your previous URL automatically redirects to the new one.

But you have to do this for your every post which have the date in URL. And not for the new posts.

How To Remove Date From Blogger Post URL

Removing date from blogger post URL is damn easy. But to do all things correctly you have to follow the given steps.

So read carefully and perform.

Step:1 – Got to Blogger and login there. And go your Blog dashboard, that blog you want to remove date from it.

Step:2 – After going to your Blogger dashboard you have to click on Theme option.

remove date step 1

Step:3 – Then check the my theme option there is a three dot column just click on that.

Remove date 2

Step:4 – Then you will see that there is another column opened you have to click on that.

Note – Don’t do any other changes in the Edit HTML option it will cause site crash. And it is good to take a backup first.

step 3

Step:5 – After that, you will see the HTML coding of your website or blog. You have to paste the given code below the <head> tag. And I am again telling you that don’t do any more changes there. Just past the code below <head> tag. And click on the save option icon.

Click Here to get the code.

step 4

Step:6 – All Done! Now open you’re any blog post and you will see that date and .html are removed.

step 5

So guys as you see that it is very simple to remove date from blogger post URL. But also you have to follow all steps carefully.

How To Remove Date From Blogger Post URL?

How To Remove date from blogger post url?

FAQ’s Related To How To Remove Date From Blogger Post URL

Is it SEO Friendly to remove date from blogger post URL?

Yes, it is very SEO friendly and also user friendly if your blog post URL does not contain any Date. This is because if your blog post URL does not have a date so it becomes short which is SEO Friendly and easily understandable for users also.

How can I change the permalink of my Blog Post?

Well, you have to do this while you are writing your blog post or it is in Draft. You can’t change the permalink of that Blog post which is already published. So to change permalink simply you have to create a new post or select that which are in draft.

After that, you can see that there is an option of “Post Settings” in the right side. Just click on the Permalink option there and add your custom permalink. All done! click on save.

How to remove the date and .html extension from Blogger URL?

To do so, just you have to follow the steps given by me. After you perform all the steps you can see that date and .html extension are removed from your blogger URL.

How do I insert date and time stamp on Blogger?

It is very easy to do. Just click on the edit option of which post you want to insert date and time stamp. After that in the left side “Post Setting” option click on the “Date and Time” setting and change as you want and click on the save option.


So I hope all of you guys now understood that How To Remove Date From Blogger Post URL If your website or blog is hosted in Blogger don’t worry you can make it professional website look like it is hosted on WordPress.

Also, use this trick on a new blog so that it doesn’t affect your already ranked articles. But also as I told you before, you can redirect your previous posts link to a new one. So that you won’t lose traffic.

That is it for today friends. We will again meet in our very new article If you want to contact me just visit our Contact Us Page and can ask anything about it and Blogging.

Happy Blogging.

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