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Is Adsense Is Important For Blog Monetization – Everything you should know about this topic you get here.

We are bloggers and we all are doing hard work on our blog. So we all want to earn money from our blog or website.

So hey, everyone I am Shivam and welcome to the Ultimate blogging Tool Kit website and today I am going to solve your query Is Adsense Is Important For Blog Monetization.

When the blog monetization comes every body says that Google Adsense is the method by which you can earn from your blog.

Yes, you are right Google Adsense is the best method to monetize your blog or website. But this is not the last option.

So in this article, I am gonna tell you about Is Adsense is Important For Blog Monetization. And also I’ll tell you how can you monetize your blog or website with AdSense or without AdSense.

So keep your eyes only on this article and read this at the last.

What is Google Adsense?

What is Google Adsense
Is Adsense Is Important For Blog Monetization?

Google Adsense is a platform from where you can monetize your website, Blog and Youtube videos as well.

Many of Blog and website are earning through Google Adsense. It is a one of the best monetization platform for blog and websites.

Well, as you see their advertisement on Youtube videos, so the advertisement n those videos are also provided by Google Adsense.

The main thing by which Google Adsense gives you money is that you have to show an advertisement given by Google Adsense on your blog or website and youtube channel.

But we mainly talk about for website and blog. There is one more platform of Google which is Google Adwords. You can create a campaign there and promote your website or business there and you have to pay money for it.

So those campaigns ads are shown on your website if you use Google Adsense and then Adsense give you money.

Mainly Google Adsense pays you only when the user on your website clicks on the advertisement.

More the visitors clicks on the ads showing in your website more you’ve get paid. And the rate is decided by CPC and RPM.

CPC – CPC means Cost Per Click. Means what the revenue you are getting per click on the advertisement.

RPM – RPM means Rate Per Mile. Means what the revenue you are getting on per 1000 impressions on the advertisement from your website.

So this is how Google Adsense works and gives you a payment on your Bank A/C. Google Adsense is the most recommendable monetization option.

But you have to first take approval from Adsense to show advertisements on your website. And taking approval is such a hard process for newbies? Can we monetize our blog without Google Adsense?

So the answer of these question I’m gonna to give you.

Is Adsense Is Important For Blog Monetization?

As I told you that Google Adsense is one the best and leading website monetization platform and every blogger recommend this for blog earning.

But as you know that it is very hard to take approval from Google Adsense to monetize out the blog. So if in case Adsense rejects our application so what to do can we monetize our blog?

So the answer is absolutely yes.

It is very good if you have Google Adsense approved on your website. But if you don’t get Adsense approval so it doesn’t mean that you can’t generate revenue from your blog.

You can! There are so many other options by which you can monetize your blog and generate a good revenue.

And the answer to your question that Is Adsense Is Important For Blog Monetization is No. No Adsense is not important for blog monetization

There are so many other options by which you can monetize your blog and generate very huge revenue.

Google Adsense is just a one platform. So, I think you got the answer to your question that Is Adsense Is Important For Blog Monetization.

So now, the question is what are those platforms by which we can monetize our Blog or Website without Google Adsense.

How To Monetize a Blog Without Google Adsense?

Yes, it is possible to monetize a blog or website without google Adsense there are so many platforms some are Adsense Alternatives.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the very best method to monetize a blog without Google Adsense. You can earn very huge money from Affiliate Marketing. More than google Adsense.

Affiliate Marketing means you have to do an affiliate of products. In simple words, you have to sell products of some another company through your blog and you will get a commission for it.

For an example you have to join the affiliate program of any e-commerce site like Amazon. And then you have to select the products according to you niche and embed there links on your blog.

And when any of you website visitor click on that link and purchase that product you got a commission. Many of the bloggers earning 1000’s of $ per month through affiliate marketing.

But it is not easy task you have to learn Affiliate Marketing first that how it works and some tactics also.


The another best option to earn revenue from your blog is by writing sponsorship blog post or showing sponsor ads.

You can give a space on your website for the sponsorship ads. And they will pay you. But to get sponsorship on your blog. There is a condition that your blog has high traffic.

When your blog gets daily 1000’s of visitors you can show sponsorship ads and write sponsorship Blog post’s.

Google Adsense Alternatives

There are so many alternatives of Google Adsense you can use on your website and earn.

But most of the alternatives of Google Adsense shows irrelevant advertisement which the user does not like to see. But not all the platforms are.

There are some good platforms for monetizations. Here is the list of some good advertisement platforms by which you can monetize your website or blog.

These are some best alternatives to Google Adsense by which you can show advertisements on your website and earn money.

FAQ’s Related To Is Adsense Is Important For Blog Monetization

Is Adsense Is Important For Blog Monetization
Is Adsense Is Important For Blog Monetization

Can you use Adsense on Blogger?

Absolutely Yes, but there are some conditions for Blogger blog. You have to follow each and every terms and condition of Google Adsense on your Blogger blog.

Why do most Blog Fail?

Because the can’t able to provide quality and good content. Because of this the can’t able to rank on search engine and this lead to failure.

How often should I post on my Blog?

It depends on the niche you selected. For an example if your blog niche is News. So you have to post at least 3 or more post on your blog daily. But if your blog niche is like Tech, Health, etc. So you can post as you want like you can post daily or weekly.

How long should a blog post be 2020?

According to SEO you should write Blog post of 1700+ words. But again it depends on the niche of your blog. Your blog post can be of 300 words or 1000 words.

Final Words on Is Adsense Is Important For Blog Monetization

I hope through this article you got the answer of your question which is, Is Adsense is Important For Blog Monetization.

There is so many options of Blog monetization just you have to focus on your blog ranking and traffic. As your blog traffic will increase you are getting paid.

So just focus on your content and ranking of the blog. But also you have to try for Google Adsense. And if your blog has good content and it is well optimized and customized so Google Adsense will never reject your website or Blog.

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